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Questions tagged [age-of-five]

For questions about the Age of Five fantasy novel series; Priestess of The White, Last of The Wilds and Voice of The Gods, by Trudi Canavan.

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Creation of Siyee and Elai

In the Age of Five we are introduced to human groups that have been mutated by the magic of Huan into flying people (Siyee) and Sea people (Elai). When were the Siyee and Elai created out of the human ...
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How old (long) is the Age of Five

In Trudi Canavan's the Age of Five, the new age ends with the death of the "many" a large number of Gods and the ascension of The Five. At some point they begin making White, with Juran ...
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In Age of the Five, what are the names of the Gods?

In Age of the Five, by Trudi Canavan there Circlians have 5 gods. What are their names? The Pentadrians also have 5 Gods, what are their names? The names of the Gods are not in the glossary, and are ...
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