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Questions tagged [american-horror-story]

For questions about American Horror Story, a horror TV series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It originally aired on the FX network.

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AHS: Murder House - Why does Moira have a discolored eye only in her older form?

In the first season of American Horror Story, titled Murder House, the housemaid Moira is actually a ghost She has two ghost forms; one as an old lady and the other with her actual appearance at the ...
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Was any of the witches’ magic on ‘American Horror Story’ not one of the Seven Wonders?

On American Horror Story, witches (and warlocks) appear in (primarily, as far as I recall) in Coven and Apocalypse. To assume the role of Supreme, witches must be able to perform all of the Seven ...
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Why didn't Nan come back?

In American Horror Story 3rd Season "Coven", every major character who died before the last episode either came back to life or came back to continue to participate in the events of the series -- with ...
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