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To be used for the Barsoom novel series, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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In the universe of John Carter and "A Princess of Mars" light plays a role. Why?

In the John Carter universe, the energy source is all about light waves. Light ships float on light waves, and different light waves unlocks energies unknown to men. My question is: Was Mr. Burroughs ...
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When will books by Edgar Rice Burroughs enter the public domain?

I recently started reading the public domain Barsoom novels (I'm on Thuvia, Maid of Mars at the moment) and I'm planning on reading the rest of the novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but some are in the ...
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John Carter Film - Thern Medallion Teleportation

In the film John Carter, Dejah Thoris is explaining Thern Teleportation to John Carter. I can't remember exactly what she said, but is it in any way similar to what Quantum Teleportation or Biodigital ...
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How can the Therns change their physical bodies?

I have read that the Therns are like any normal Martian, but how can they change their physical bodies? Is it like a disguise?
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What are the differences between the John Carter (2012) movie and the novel A Princess of Mars?

According to Wikipedia The film is largely based on A Princess of Mars, the first novel to feature the hero John Carter. What are the plot differences between the two of them?
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Did Edgar Rice Burroughs Have Specific Martian Locations In Mind?

When Edgar Rice Burroughs was writing his Martian tales, did he have specific locations in mind when he wrote about places like Helium or which dead sea bottoms were where the Tharks live? Was he ...
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Is John Carter Immortal?

In Edgar Rice Burroughs's Mars novels the John Carter character seems to be immortal, never aging after some point. He can't remember experiencing a childhood and several generations of families ...
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