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For questions about the 1989 Batman movie, directed by Tim Burton and starting Michael Keaton. Use in conjunction with the [dc] tag.

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What movies should be seen prior to The Flash?

As I understand it, The Flash merges content from both the DCEU and some older movies such as the Michael Keaton Batman movies. What movies or TV shows should one watch prior to seeing The Flash?
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Why does the Joker do this to Bob?

Near the end of Batman (1989), This occurs right after Batman has done away with Joker's poison-filled balloons. Why? It seems like Bob was fairly capable. I guess it's probably because Joker was ...
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9 votes
3 answers

In Batman (1989), does the Joker know who Batman is?

At the end of Batman (the 1989 movie), Batman says to the Joker 'you killed my parents'; the Joker replies that he (Jack Napier) was a kid when he killed them. Does this mean the Joker knew Batman ...
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Does Batman drop Jack Napier on purpose?

In Batman, the Caped Crusader grabs hold of Jack Napier (later, the Joker), seconds before dropping him into a vat of acid. Was this drop intentional or not?
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Iconic line altered in Batman (1989)?

In his comments here, our esteemed colleague Tango insists that he saw a version of Batman (1989) in which the Joker's iconic line: Where does he get those wonderful toys? was edited down to: ...
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