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Peter Watts, born 1958, is a Canadian science fiction author. He is known for the Rifters trilogy and the Firefall series, as well as a writer of video games such as Crysis 2 (for which he also wrote the novelization) and Homeworld 2.

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What is the gambit used by the crew of The Crown of Thorns to escape its tail?

In Peter Watts's Echopraxia, the crew of The Crown of Thorns uses a ruse to whoever is following them. But I'm unclear on how it worked or what the plan entailed. I gather that an escape pod was used ...
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What is Brüks's "Zone of Terror" in Echopraxia?

In the following passage from Peter Watts's Echopraxia, what does "Zone of Terror" refer to? The blade began to twist as he ascended the spoke. Brüks gritted his teeth, briefly closed his ...
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What is the maximum diving depth of the Rifters?

In the Rifters Trilogy, is the Rifters' maximum survivable diving depth established? The Rifters "Trilogy" comprises Starfish, Maelstrom, Behemoth: B-Max, and Behemoth:Seppuku by Peter Watts.
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