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For questions about the folkloristic character Robin Hood, when used in science fiction or fantasy. For questions about the folklore, please visit

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Novel about virtual reality with a recurring setting of Sherwood Forest

This was one I figured out with searches from details elicited in the asking, but posting it because this isn't the first time I've searched for it. It was a paperback novel, standard size, and had a ...
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Why is Robin Hood French in Shrek?

In Shrek there is a character called Monsieur Hood, also referred to as Robin Hood later on. He is a clear parody of Robin Hood, a legendary figure from England. What I don't understand though is ...
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A Robin Hood based story

I recall a children's story i enjoyed. I can give scraps of memory - can anyone help identify? There were figurines of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. The kids would enter that world in their ...
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Collection of Robin Hood stories told in a much older form of english [closed]

I remember reading when I was a kid a collection of Robin Hood stories. I really enjoyed it, but the only defining trait I can remember is that it was narrated in VERY old English style, although I'm ...
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Seeking out "Robin Hood and Satan's Demons"

I'm from Belgium and searching the German version of the Italian movie 'Una Spada per Brando' to buy or to download if no other options are available. These film, in German, is named 'Robin Hood und ...
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