I remember watching an Iron Man cartoon on TV. I don't know the name of the original TV series because I watched it on a TV show called Fox Kids, which used to show different cartoons each day without disclosing its name. The TV show was probably a partnership between TV channels viz. Fox Kids (US) and Star Plus (India).

MODOK and the Mandarin were villains. The Mandarin had real magical powers of rings unlike in Iron Man 3. War Machine was also in it. In the intro, Tony used to put on the helmet using an electromagnetic/invisible force, not like this (but, it can be intro of different season, not necessarily different TV series).

Now, about the episode I am looking for:

  • Pepper was kidnapped or lost.

  • Iron Man found her, but he went out of power.

  • The scene: It was a vertical tunnel. Underground.

  • Pepper had a Walkman with her.

  • Iron Man connected a wire coming out of his finger to the Walkman and told Pepper to play it on high volume.

  • And, it worked.

There can be a little bit of variation because the images in my memory aren't 100% clear. Can you please identify the episode?


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From the description it should be Iron Man: The Animated Series Episode 1x04 - Silence My Companion, Death My Destination, there are however some minor differences.

While Iron Man uses his "fingercable" to recharge, the kidnapped person isn't Pepper Potts, but Spider-Woman (=Julia Carpenter)'s daughter Rachel Carpenter.

The relevant scene can be found here:


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