It was a movie that I saw in cinema when I was a very little child, in 1984 or 1985. The movie was either italian or french. It was a very rough and unelegant comedy.

What I remember is the main character was a lonely old dude who lived in a house by the countryside. One night he farted like a lot, and a humanoid alien heard him and came to visit him. They became friends and farted together.

The movie was probably an absolute piece of crap, but I really want to find it for curiosity.


La Soupe aux Choux (AKA Cabbage Soup)

From Wikipedia:

Claude Ratinier (Louis de Funès), known as Le Glaude, is an old man who lives on a small farm across the road from his long-time friend Francis Chérasse (Jean Carmet), known as Le Bombé. The two are described as the last surviving members of their breed, still living in a rural fashion while the rest of the world has modernized. They spend their days getting drunk and eating cabbage soup, while they spend their nights getting drunk and farting.

One night, their farting summons an alien (Jacques Villeret) from the planet Oxo while Le Bombé is asleep. Glaude is awake to welcome the alien (who can only communicate in a squealing-siren sound at first).

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