Ok, this is vague yet vivid for me. An 80s or 90s film with people that either have a colored crystal (blue, yellow, and maybe red or purple,) that I believe determines what "class" they are. I think they are engineered. I remember one scene they are going through a desert in a sand storm, riding in military transport style vehicles with 6-8 wheels. The crystals I think are on the back of their hands or on their foreheads, and may affect their eye color. This is NOT DUNE. I believe someone that may look like Patrick Swayze was in it. The plot isn't clear to me. Not much to go by, but thanks...


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In the 1994 film Island City,

Citizens of the city wore a colored crystal on their sternum and could only mate with other citizens of the same color, which was based on the individual's genetic makeup.

The city is surrounded by a desert-like wasteland, and the opening credits include an eight-wheeled armored vehicle.


Could be a bit of a long shot, but this sounds like it might be Logan's Run. Released in 1976, although perhaps you saw it on TV or home video in the 80s/90s.

After surviving a global conflict, the survivors of humanity live in a controlled environment, and are not allowed to live beyond 30 years. At age 30 they are taken to be "reincarnated" (spoiler alert: they're just killed.)

Each person has a crystal implanted in their hand at birth, which starts off white and changes colours as they grow older. IIRC, it turns red when it's time to go get "reincarnated."

Here's a picture of Logan (Michael York.) I dunno how much he looks like Patrick Swayze, but maybe the mists of time took their toll? (Note: I tried to upload the image directly, but SE said it was too big.)

I don't recall any deserts or military vehicles myself, although it has been a long time since I watched the movie. There was, however, also a TV show that featured some scrubby terrain and these things. (Again, can't upload the image... I'm wondering if there's a plugin in my browser that's messing with my ability to use the site...)

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