I have searched google in so many ways without being able to identify this children's book.

All I remember was that I read it in the US in the late 70's or 80's, there were 2-3 siblings, 1 girl and 2 boys, I think they were in England at some manor or mansion. The story was set in modern times (20th century) and there was a time travel element involving meeting Michael Faraday or someone related to him. One of the kids (the youngest?) somehow slips into a coma or dream where he sees himself arguing for why he should be sent back to life. Any ideas?


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Going out on a limb here, but The Snowstorm by Beryl Netherclift?


Farthingales is Aunt Amethyst. The children agreed on that. She was trying valiantly to save the gabled old house in the English countryside, which was beset by taxes and falling into ruin. From the first day of their visit, Caroline, Richard, and Kit were determined to help -- and they soon found that the beautiful snowstorm paperweight on the library mantel held the key. When the sun shone on it in a special way, time and space were suddenly suspended and the children found themselves confronted by ancestors from bygone eras, including Michael, the boy who came from the year 1832 to meet them in the present -- ancestors who held the secret of the ruin of Farthingales. THE SNOWSTORM is a charming and exciting story, peopled by vibrant characters whose personalities, regardless of their era, are very real and very much alive.

It came out in 1967, involves time travel, an English manor, 3 children, a boy (ancestor?) named Michael, and the last name Faraday (Aunt Amethyst's last name, I believe from other reviews).

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