I received Harry Potter: Film Wizardry (Updated Edition) and the Hogwarts letter seems to be different than in the book and the film, according to how Harry reads it out loud in Sorcerer's Stone. At the bottom of the letter it says:

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore, D.Wiz, X.J. (sorc), S. of Mag. Q.

What does "D.Wiz, X.J. (sorc), S. of Mag. Q." stand for? I think I've figured out that "Wiz" stands for Wizard (this seems pretty obvious), (sorc) stands for sorcerer, and Mag likely stands for Magic, but I don't know what the other letters stand for.

Does anyone know what D.Wiz, X.J. (sorc), S. of Mag. Q. stands for? Is it something real, or just gibberish for the Film Wizardry book?

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