I'm looking for this very old cartoon animation that was probably done by warner bros animation. My father got this vhs tape when I was like 2 or 4 years old and I watched the tape several times over the years[1994-2000. The tape was one of those homemade recorded or something like that because it was like 6-8 hours long. It had so many Looney Tunes cartoons and the short animated stories. The story I'm looking for is about a mermaid or a sea maiden [a female that came out of the sea] she falls in love with a man, I believe in the end either they both die or she dies [I think I recall someone killing her with an arrow] the animation was like 5-10 minutes long. I don't recall if it was just narration of the story or actual dialogue between the characters, or both. I say old because it had that 40s warner bros animation look or newer. I really want to say the female was blonde hair, white, she might have a white or semi-transparent dress when she comes out of the sea. I don't recall much of the rest of the story, I think it was a forbidden love story with a sad ending. I have tried looking for it but I just get the Little Mermaid Disney or the adaptations of the original book. And the tape got stuck in the vhs player, and it ripped. Edit* i recall that she had to go back to the ocean but she didn't wanto return back, and they shoot the arrow at her. I think she dies in the man's hands or something like that.

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