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A mermaid is an aquatic creature with the upper body of a human female and the tail of a fish. Mermen are the male equivalent. Use this tag for questions concerning mermaids and mermen as they appear in sci-fi and fantasy works.

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Episode of a show where a guy and a girl search for a mermaid

I’m trying to remember this episode of this show I watched when I was younger. It was this show of this guy and girl. I wanna say it was a reality show, maybe. In this episode they are looking for a ...
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A girl discovers she has fairy blood, becomes a fairy then a mermaid

It basically has a girl who comes across fairies and figures out she has fairy blood too. When her parents figure it out, they host a little party for the fairies and their girl who's going to be a ...
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80s book about mermaids in a cove or bay

Seeking title and author please: I read a cool library book in the 80s in Australia about a family who goes to a holiday house on a cove and they find mermaids there. They keep it secret. Im 100% sure ...
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Animated movie w/ sad ending & turning to stone

I remember watching what I believe was an animated movie as a kid in the 80’s. Seems like it was about a mermaid. Remember the ending was sad and turned to “real life” where it showed she had been ...
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Black and white webcomic about a merman and a human guy who’s a potential friend/love interest

I recently remembered a comic I saw on Tumblr a really long time ago, I don't know how to find it so I stumbled upon this site and maybe someone here remembers it. The comic was drawn in black and ...
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Webcomic with a mermaid and a bird legged android?

Webcomic with a mermaid and a bird legged android? I watched a while back a first part youtube video about a webcomic with a mermaid and a bird legged android. It was maybe 5 years old and maybe was ...
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Why are DC's Merfolk, like Lori Lemaris, different from other Atlanteans, like Aqua Man?

The undersea kingdom of Atlantis is an established fact in DC canon; it's where Arthur Curry [Aquaman] hails from, and that origin is the reason for his powers. However, traditional "merpeople", with ...
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Very old cartoon of a mermaid or sea maiden probably from Warner bros animation

I'm looking for a very old cartoon animation that was probably done by Warner Bros animation. My father got this vhs tape when I was like 2 or 4 years old and I watched the tape several times over the ...
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Story about a mermaid in a quarry pond that a boy plans to rescue as the quarry is to be blown up

I believe there was a YA book of ironic stories that I read between 1979-1983, though it may have been published earlier. Story I’m looking for: A teenage boy discovers a mermaid living in a pond at ...
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Science fiction/fantasy book I read 50 years ago. Took place on the planet Venus

I remember loving this book when I was in middle school It took place on the planet Venus. It was all ocean. There were sea horses (their leader was named Belleraphon) and porpoises and mermaids. A ...
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Book about whispering (wicked) mermaid

A friend of mine just told me about a book about a person named aulice/olice or something like that who want to boat in a river in which whispering mermaids try to enchant people to drown. I only ...
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TV series: girl becomes a mermaid by rubbing a gel on her legs, brother grows into a man in one day

I remember watching a TV show where there's a family consisting of a father, mother, elder daughter and a son. The intro of the show is like any other intro just showing them and their names and some ...
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Creature Horror Movie about Mermaids

This is going to be a tough one. I apologize in advance for knowing no more of this movie than a TV trailer. Some time between 2010 and 2016, I saw an announcement for a creature horror movie ...
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Need help identifying novel about water planet with mams, moonsteeds, mermaids, and singing

I read an excellent book a while back that I think was written in the late 80s or early 90s. It was set on a planet in which almost the entire surface was covered with water. There were creatures ...
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Gory horror movie: mermaid trapped in a freak show, eventually kills her jailor

I really can't remember much about this other than the very start, or at least I think it's the start... The movie opens with a mermaid trapped in a huge tank of water, as part of some freak show I ...
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Has Aquaman ever been a merman?

I see from looking around that Aquaman has existed with and fought mermaids and mermen. Is there any incarnation of Aquaman where he was a merman, was turned into a merman, or had the ability to ...
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