In Discovery episode 6 ("Lethe") Tilly and Burnham finish a run through the ship, Tilly wants to order a green juice with "extra green". Burnham cancels the order, asking for something healthier instead.

Tilly: Computer, green juice, extra green.

Burnham: Computer, cancel that order. That's hardly the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Computer, three egg-white breakfast burrito with black beans."

What is the "green", and why would one want extra of it?


It's an alcoholic beverage that Scotty drinks. People often don't know it's name, they just say: "What is it?" "It's green"

Actually, it does have a name, Aldebran Whiskey.

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    This seems like a total guess (and one that's likely wrong). Can you provide any evidence to back it up? – Valorum Feb 13 at 22:34
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    Note that Burnham complains about it having an improper mixture of "protein, carbohydrates, and fat". Nothing about it being alcoholic. – Valorum Feb 13 at 22:36
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    We don't know if they were "on duty" but if they were "on duty" then there's no way that it would be an alcoholic drink – SpacePhoenix Feb 13 at 23:14
  • Furthermore, Memory Alpha calls the stuff in the DIS episode "green juice", whereas Aldebaran Whiskey would surely have been referred to by name in some extra material, I'd have thought. Little homages and references are all over the place, someone would've made mention of it were it the case. – SpaceWolf1701 Feb 13 at 23:21
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    @SpaceWolf1701 - I see no evidence that Memory Alpha have any more clue about the composition of this drink than anyone else. – Valorum Feb 13 at 23:55

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