I came across this video clip where Scarecrow and Joker have captured Batman and are going to interrogate him and Scarecrow takes his mask off:

[Joker] WHAT!!?

[Scarecrow] Bloody hell, it's billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne!

[Joker] No! No! Are you shitting me! What is wrong with you? Don't you think I would have done that had I wanted to? Half the fun of our relationship was the mystery. Now I know Batman is just some boring rich asshole with parental issues.

[Batman] That's really reductive.

[Joker] Thanks for ruining the funnest thing I had going. Now I don't even feel like torturing him.

[Scarecrow] Sorry. I thought it be the kind of thing Harley would do.

[Joker] I don't care about Harley!

[Scarecrow] I'm sorry, look, I musta misread the situation when you kept saying her name and reminiscing about all your memories together. Over and over and over and...

Joker melts Scarecrow's face off with chemicals

[Joker] Not even that was fun.

[Joker walks up to Batman] Wayne Tech promised an electric car by this year. I put a deposit down. WHERE'S MY GODDAMN ELECTRIC CAR, BRUCE!

Now there is a lot to unpack here for me; all the swearing, the graphic destruction of Scarecrow, Bruce possibly being an Elon Musk stand-in...

Does this come from new Batman show, or possibly some internet meme? With all the ways content is produced and distributed these I am not sure and would like to know more context.

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    The tags on the video indicate it's from the Harley Quinn show.
    – jwodder
    Commented Apr 27, 2022 at 20:40
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    Wait wait wait... Batman is Bruce Wayne? How about a spoiler tag next time. Commented Apr 27, 2022 at 21:32
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    "all the swearing" seems to be vastly overstating the case. None of this seems to constitute swearing to me as a Brit (although I guess goddamn is almost there)
    – Tristan
    Commented Apr 28, 2022 at 13:38
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    @Tristan shitting doesn't do it for you? That's one of the words here is the US that can't be said on radio or regular cable channels. Maybe "all" was exaggerating a little though...
    – Skooba
    Commented Apr 28, 2022 at 15:08
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    hah! Somehow managed to completely miss that, you're entirely right, please ignore
    – Tristan
    Commented Apr 28, 2022 at 15:57

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This clip comes from the HBO Max Series Harley Quinn (2019-). The episode is titled "The Final Joke" (S01E13) and first aired 2020-02-21.

Ivy is dead, Harley's crew is captured, and Batman is his captive. Joker has everything he's ever wanted - but is it enough without Harley at his side?


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