Read this a while ago: the space-opera theme of aliens attacking Earth. The defenders fly "space shuttles" armed with rockets (perhaps originally intended for meteor defense). Notably the Earth defenders win because the Earth has a power station in orbit transmitting down to the planet via a microwave beam and the mothership/fleet is tricked to fly into its path. I skipped though it, reading bits and pieces, so I have few details.

Edit: LAK answered it correctly (see later): Armada by Michael Jahn of 1981. Page 207 to 208 in the copy I found details the microwave beam blasting Armada. Not poetry by any means, but it was bugging me. All of your help is very much appreciated and I hope I marked the answer correctly (first time use).

  • Hi, welcome to SF&F. Can you be a bit more specific about approximately what year you read this? Do you remember the cover art of the book?
    – DavidW
    Feb 26 at 20:24
  • I think 'The Foot' has modified shuttles but I think they are using nukes to fire grazers.
    – SDH
    Feb 27 at 1:35

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Possibly Armada by Michael Jahn? From 1982. I recall that the protagonist flies a retrofitted original space shuttle, and there are more modern space shuttles. They're used to combat a massive alien ship that enters the solar system. I don't recall whether the enemy ship is destroyed by an orbital power beam, though.

enter image description here

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    Just to confirm the answer given by @LAK - I read that book a few years ago and the aliens were definitely defeated by a microwave beam
    – Danny Mc G
    Feb 27 at 5:31

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