Read a three book series where the main character was a girl with red hands. Her hands were magical. Was a while ago now… 20 years?! One detail I remember is it included a group that lived on the tops of buildings and used the rooftops and spires to move around.

Help! This has been bugging me for a couple of years now - I can’t recall the titles for the life of me!!

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A partial match would be P.C. Hodgell's Kencyrath books. The books largely follow Jame, a Kencyr thief and noble, who may be an incarnation of her three-faced god's aspect of destruction. The first book, God Stalk is set in Tai-tastigon, which houses a group of criminals named as the Cloudies who live their entire lives on the roofs of the city, with Jame being named as one of their upper-class members after she defeats one of their royalty, but spares his life. Her hands sport ivory claws due to her heritage. I don't remember her actually being called red handed, but she certainly draws enough blood, and she gains a reputation through her aspect as an avatar of destruction.

Cover of the iconic 1982 edition of God Stalk


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