Given that his 'father', Jango, raised him as a clone-son and likely wouldn't have the normal parent-child relationship, I would be curious to see if he had a child of his own, and if the child would be naturally-conceived.


In the EU, Boba married Sintas Vel in 16 BBY and had the child Ailyn Vel naturally.

  • and Ailyn had a daughter herself. Boba's a grandpoppy. – Solemnity Jan 8 '13 at 0:36

yes I think Boba does because I have found a image on the internet with him and a girl with a baby also there are some sences in the movie were boba sounds like his wife, son, or daughter are in danger by darth vader because knowing how bobas father was and how he is from star wars the clone wars he sounds and act like a guy how would be agaisnt the empire and the rebels and make is own team like deathwatch

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    Welcome to Sci Fi and Fantasy SE, do you have any canonical sources that you can use to reference your image or ideas from, or are they just fan-art? We like to look for answers which are strongly supported with facts! – Edlothiad Jan 18 '17 at 18:25

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