After Aegon's Landing, Orys Baratheon was made his Hand, making him the first Hand of the King to the Targaryen dynasty. What I want to know is if this is where the practice started. It's entrenched enough that almost all the claimants to the Iron Throne name Hands after declaring themselves King/Queen - Renly, Stannis, Dany and

Aegon VI

all do it. Did the petty Kings of Westeros do this before Aegon's Landing or did Aegon I start the tradition?

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    Robb didn't appoint a Hand. And neither did Balon or Euron Greyjoy. That might indicate it being a tradition coming from Valyria.
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Orys Baratheon was indeed the first to hold the position known as Hand of the King. Aegon I basically created the post when he first assigned it to Orys shortly after landing in the mainland of Westeros, using the following words to describe Orys:

"My shield, my stalwart, my strong right hand"

And from that came the position's name.

Source: A George R R Martin reading from Chicon 7


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