It was probably around 1982 or so when I watched this anime a couple of times at my uncle's house. Can't remember the name and have been searching ever since. My uncle passed away (20 years ago) so I can't ask him.

The story is about a boy who was raised by a robot. Later in the plot it turns out he has a brother (also raised by a robot) who has become evil. Then they fight against each other...

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    Do you have any more information? Name of the robots or brothers, number of episodes or movie, anything about the setting? – thegrinner Nov 15 '13 at 14:49
  • not at all - sry - thats probably why i couldnt find it until now. – user19658 Nov 18 '13 at 16:12
  • I understand you don't remember much. Unfortunately, I think this community might need a little bit more. Even a tiny scrap of a detail might be enough for someone to be able to pick up the ball and run with it. Let me try to help with these questions: What do you mean "fight"? Were there weapons involved? Did the robots look like C3PO or R2D2 or a mecha? – TOOGAM Apr 15 '16 at 17:54
  • (or, just for some more examples, Data of Star Trek:TNG (adult Android), or Rosie from the Jetsons?) – TOOGAM Apr 15 '16 at 18:03

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