I remembered reading a novel that has the following plot points:

  • The protagonist is a human male
  • coming from a planet that provides mercenary services
  • he is the sole survivor of the planet
  • the rest of the planet died because of radiation poisoning from imported grain(?)
  • sent by some evil faction(?) because the mercenaries are detrimental to their plan
  • he was 'abducted' by a group of people known as the overseers(?)
  • his bone -- damaged by radiation -- is replaced with an unbreakable stuff
  • he has a companion, a female from another galaxy, whose appearance is not humanoid but more like a bat(?)
  • he can 'talk' with her through telepathy

Plot points I'm not really sure about, I've marked with a (?).

I think I read the novel (borrowed from a long-defunct library) sometime in the late '80s or early '90s.

If anyone can give any hints/clues as to what that novel was, I'd be very grateful...


This is the Last Legionary series by Douglas Hill.

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