By sacrificing the death into Shadow's name, it seems that Laura created a significant precedent.

What's the consequence of the sacrifice dedicated to Shadow?


I don't think this is entirely clear. I'm also not sure if I should use spoiler tags here, so I will play it safe.


is Baldur, a god and son of a god. It's possible the sacrifice empowers him somewhat, though Baldur is not a god of war per se. Recall that after the battle, and after he takes the coin back from Laura, he runs into Sam Back Crow. She is with a girlfriend. He slips some flowers into her hands but neither Sam Black Crow or the other girl see Shadow. So he's "behind the scenery" as it were. Perhaps that was partly a result of the sacrifice, though this is highly speculative.

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    i'm not sure you should be definitely saying that Shadow was who you say he was. There are plenty of arguments that he is not. – tyson May 23 '14 at 11:42

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