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Questions tagged [jemhadar]

In Star Trek: DS9, the Jem'Hadar were a genetically engineered race that fought for the Dominion. Use with the [star-trek] and [star-trek-ds9] tags. Use only when asking questions related specifically to this species. Use with [star-trek-dominion] when referring to their government.

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4 votes
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Why did Ikat'ika not want to kill Worf?

In ST:DS9 "By Inferno's Light" Worf is captured by the Dominion and made to battle a series of Jem'Hadar. In the final battle, he fights First Ikat'ika. When Worf will not yield, Ikat'ika ...
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If the Dominion rule using their Jem'Hadar troops, why is their life expectancy so low?

In the series Deep Space 9, it has been stated that the Dominion has absolute control over their part of the Gamma quadrant. Literally this would mean that they rule every planet and race inside their ...
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After the DS9 finale what happens to the Jem'hadar and what assurances do the Federation have that the Dominion won't attack again?

ST Deep Space Nine "What You Leave Behind": ODO: All I ask is that you Link with me. GARAK: I'm warning you, Odo. ODO: Nerys. KIRA: Garak, put down your weapon. GARAK: I don'...
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Do the Jem'hadar contain a tinge of compassion, empathy, and fairness which goes against their genetic encoding?

DS9: "By Inferno's Light": [Internment centre] (Ikat'ika stops Worf as he crawls to a post.) IKAT'IKA: Enough, Klingon. You have proven your worth. MARTOK: Worf, you heard him. ...
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How exactly did the prisoners escape the Jem'hadar prisoner camp?

DS9 "By Inferno's Light": MARTOK: He wired the message and the transmission coordinates directly into the system circuitry. That way all he had to do was connect the transmitter to the power ...
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