For questions about Asimov's short stories and novels that comprise the Robot series. Use in conjunction with the specific work tag where applicable.

The Robot-series is a series of short stories and novels by Asimov, set around the concept of a positronic brain and the Three Laws of Robotics.

The earlier stories, collected first in I, Robot, feature U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc. and their chief robopsychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin. The later novels feature detective Elijah Baley and his robot partner, R. Daneel Olivaw.

The Robot-series are later tied into the Foundation universe through the novel Foundation and Earth.

The major works in the series are:

  • The short stories, collected in I, Robot (1950) and in later collections The Complete Robot (1982), Robot Dreams (1986), and Robot Visions (1990)
  • "The Bicentennial Man" (1976) / The Positronic Man (1992), a short story that was later developed into a complete novel
  • The Caves of Steel (1954), the first Elijah Baley/R. Daneel Olivaw novel
  • The Naked Sun (1957), the second
  • The Robots of Dawn (1983), the third
  • Robots and Empire (1985), the fourth