I don't think of Palpatine as being rabidly insane. If we allow for Legends material, Thrawn shows that he was willing to be to some extent pragmatic with aliens. Anyway, his master was a Muun.

If it wasn't a personal bias, he must have thought that the anti-alien sentiment would enhance his power. But telling the majority of the galaxy that they suck seems a poor way to gain power.

Unless all the resources he took advantage of came from people who were already anti-alien, and it was easiest to just go along?

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Every good dictator likes a convenient scapegoat, with the demise of the separatist who could Palpatine blame when things go wrong? That's right those nasty aliens!

It has happened in the real world plenty of times Hitler and the Jews or Stalin and the Gypsies.

Also a good way for a dictatorship to keep its opponents separated is to sew seeds of distrust, hatred and differences amongst the populace.

If humans get all the high powered jobs and the aliens are treated as scum the humans are going to be happy and want to keep their privileges so will do what they can to keep the aliens down.

The Emperor's almost secret use of aliens that can be of use to him, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, will allow this perceived superiority of humans within the Empire to continue, without Palpatine being totally surrounded by incompetent people.

If the aliens are kept down they are going to have less resources and chances to effectively rise up.

The xenophobia may even extend to other species, for example the Quarren and the Mon Calamari, stopping them from uniting against the empire.

Obviously in the end this didn't work with the inclusive Rebel Alliance (Sullustans, Mon Calamari, Wookiees and Humans with a little bit of Bothan help) eventually defeating the Humanocentric Empire.

  • I think it sounds quite commonly, however there is exactly zero mentioning that the empire would dislike non-humans. Furthermore, the scapegoat-enemy of the empire weren't the non-humans, but the Jedis: the agenda was that their their hidden circles want to take over the power and control the galaxy from the background. Btw, it wasn't far from the truth.
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Well, Palpatine was from Naboo and it's implied in The Phantom Menace that the humans on that planet condescend to the Gungans, (understandably). So it may be that Palpatine grew up thinking all aliens were as obnoxious as Gungans.

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I appreciate this question already has an accepted response, but there is evidence that pro-human prejudice was already in place before the Emperor rose to power. From Darth Plagueis, page 231 (paperback):

"In the absence of training and brainwashing, they will pose no harm to us. You will see to that, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine." Sidious looked at the floor and shook his head. "You should be the one, Master." "No," Plagueis said firmly. "It must be you. You have the political skills, and more to the point, you are a human. In this era only a human is capable of rising to the top of Coruscant's biased political heap."

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