There is one movie I remember I watched as a kid but can't remember the name. I don't think it was block-buster, but you could rent it on VHS during the 90s.

It involves killer bipedal robots in some desert. It involves time travel, and to travel through time and space, the protagonist had to speed up on some rail and would then be teleported. The rail was placed indoors.

That's what I can remember. I'm sure I'd recognize it from few pictures.


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This is A.P.E.X.

enter image description here

According to this site:

In the year 2072, mankind began to explore time. Sinclair and Eglin are in charge of the research facility where A.P.E.X. robots are sent through a portal to visit the past. The acronym A.P.E.X. comes from "Advanced Prototype EXploration units." I suppose that A.P.E.U. is not as impressive an acronym, while ApexU sounds like a university in California. Oh well, moving on. An unfortunate problem with exploring time is that the units become infected with a virus caused by the temporal displacement. As a result, probes are only sent through time to places where they will not come into contact with people. If someone could explain the benefits of going back in time via a metal robot that must avoid human contact because it will cause a plague, I would appreciate the help.

From the same site:

Yes, they actually send a probe into the Mojave Desert circa 1973.

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