The Red Dwarf opening sequence shows somebody - presumably Lister - painting the ship. This seems bizarre. Everything about Lister's character suggests a predisposition towards laziness. He likes to cut corners; he is not the model professional. Yet painting the exterior of Red Dwarf is an infinitely arduous and time-consuming task.

Why could he be smegged?

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In Stasis Leak, first episode of Series II, we saw Captain Hollister sentencing Lister, and later Rimmer, to "PD", or Punishment Detail. Rimmer describes it thusly

RIMMER: Why didn't you tell the Captain this?

LISTER: What? And get someone into trouble?

RIMMER: Oh, no. Eight weeks painting the smegging ship?

LISTER: I'm sorry.

RIMMER: Get the space-suits.

What we saw in the opening was someone on PD, probably in order to show the scale of the ship.

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    You may want to point out that this was prior to everyone being dead, Dave.
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    @Valorum Everyone's dead? What about Petersen?
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    @DCShannon - Everyone's dead, Dave. Everyone.
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    @Valorum - Wait, are you trying to tell me that everyone's dead?
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    @Juled. - Dave. Dead. Everone. Is.
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