I am trying to identify a werewolf movie that I remember watching. I have exhausted my Google-Fu in this search.

I recall it being centered around two guys in their late teens or early to mid twenties. There were visiting a house on a farm outside the city. One of the two is attacked by a werewolf. Typical waking up bloodied and no memory of how he got where he was. At one point he's kidnapped by some thugs (don't remember why) and taken to a basement. They were going to beat him up for something (perhaps information or money) and he ended up becoming a werewolf and freeing himself (and killing his captors). Later in the movie he tries to protect his friend (and prove his claim) by getting in a metal cage/crate (in a barn or garage) but they don't make it in time and he attacks his friend.

That is the best I can recall. I'd appreciate any assistance you all could provide in helping me track down this movie.

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This sounds a lot like the opening scenes of "An American Werewolf In London"


Parts of it also sound like the sequel "An American Werewolf in Paris" which includes a basement scene.

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The protagonist (David) and his initial companion are these guys…

David and Jack

It's had a few poster forms… like this:

enter image description here

In the movie David regularly wakes up naked, in weird locations after a transformation to his werewolf state, not sure of what happened to himself. David wakes up with he wolves

He also has visitations from a dead Jack…

Dead Jack visits

At the time the onscreen transformations were considered to be amongst the best…

David transforms

  • Except I don't recall the werewolf in AAWIL being kidnapped by thugs, and he couldn't protect his friend, because that friend was already dead.
    – Nu'Daq
    Mar 21, 2018 at 2:02
  • He wasn't kidnapped true… but they do match the "late teens or early to mid twenties" and David does try to protect the "girlfriend interest" Nurse Price… it's a stretch I agree… but possibly the sequel and the orginal have been conflated here by the OP
    – Craig
    Mar 21, 2018 at 2:12
  • 1
    Neither were the movies I am talking about, sadly. I know both of those quite well. Thanks for the suggestion @Craig
    – Lee
    Mar 21, 2018 at 22:29

This might be "Uncaged" (UK title "Beast Within") (2016).

The main character and his two friends are staying at an isolated cabin in the woods. He isn't attacked by a werewolf (deviating from your memory) but he does wake up naked and covered in blood. He decides to strap a Go Pro camera on his head, using that to discover he's turning into a werewolf.

He's inherited a big iron cage which he locks himself up in, trying to keep everyone else safe. His one friend doesn't believe him, thinking he's a normal serial killer, and gets attacked and scratched in the leg, which turns him into a werewolf as well.

The main character makes friends with a drug dealer's wife. The dealer's thugs kidnap him, and he transforms into a werewolf while they're torturing him which results in a bloodbath.


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