In the early 90’s I was exposed to a graphic novel at my local library. The content was post apocalyptic or dystopian and focused on a black female heroine who I think had a name that followed an American theme. I want to say her name was Georgia Washington or something but I could be wrong. It followed her, if I remember right, getting recruited into some revolutionary anti establishment type war and I remember it being violent as hell and adult.

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Martha Washington by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons

Born on March 11, 1995 and died on March 11, 2095, Martha Washington grew up in the Cabrini–Green housing project in Chicago (called "The Green") with her mother and two brothers in abject poverty brought on by the economic policies of the President Erwin Rexall. She is an average student, but one who displays a gift for computer programming and hacking.

Her teacher, Donald, encourages her to be a better student and, because he lives outside the Green, brings her contraband items. One night, Martha shows up at Donald’s classroom and finds that he’s been murdered by the Ice Man, a large thug who works for a local gangster called the Pope. Before dying, Donald managed to stab the Ice Man in the wrist. This distraction allowed Martha to seize his weapon, a longshoreman’s hook, and plunge it into his shoulder. The Ice Man chases her through the school to a locker room, but before he can kill her, he dies of blood loss. Martha is later remanded to a psychiatric hospital.

In the institution, she discovers that experiments are being secretly performed on children to genetically alter their minds, effectively turning them into human computers. Their heads are covered with wires plugged into their brains. Martha believes one of them resembles the Raggedy Ann doll she played with as a child. This institution is closed due to national budget cuts, and Martha is left homeless. She later joins the PAX Peace Force, where her heroic tale begins. She fights in many battles during the second American Civil War.

During the second American Civil War, her mother and brother die when Chicago is destroyed by a nuclear weapon.

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