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For questions about Civil War, a crossover event in Marvel Comics, focusing on tensions in the wake of the Superhuman Registration act.

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Does the 'Civil War: Deluxe Collection' contain all the "Civil War" books?

Does the 'Civil War: Deluxe Collection' contain all the "Civil War" books? Or do I still need to buy more books after getting this one? .
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How did Spider-Man regain his secret identity after Civil War?

Spider-Man from Marvel comics reveals his secret identity in public during the events of Civil War. He is not the only one who did it; other examples are Iron Man, Wonder Man and Captain Marvel (Miss ...
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Does Bucky Barnes die and then resurrect?

This is from Civil War: The Conclusion. Someone had shot Captain America, so Bucky Barnes was following him and this scene happened. What does Crossbones mean here?
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What is the reading order for Civil War 2?

What is the ideal reading order for Civil War 2? Different sites show different orders and hence I am confused.
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What was Namor doing in Latveria during the Stamford Incident?

In the "Civil War: Wolverine" tie-in, we witness a scene in Latveria where two shadowy figures discuss the Stamford Incident and view footage of Namorita's death. We later find that the "my liege" in ...
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What motivated this sudden surrender during Marvel’s Civil War series?

I've recently read the "Civil War" comic series, and feel quite disappointed by its ending. Now, the finale seems too abrupt for me. There is no logical explanation for such a sudden change in the ...
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In MCU secret identities aren't really a done thing, so why the SRA?

The Superhero Registration Act makes sense in the comics, as does the tension about revealing an identity kept secret lo these many years. But in the MCU they apparently decided (according to this ...
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What are the essential comics in Marvel's "Civil War" comic event?

In preparation for seeing the film Captain America: Civil War, I'd like to read the Marvel comic event that it is based on. I have Marvel Unlimited, so I can read all of the issues no problem. However,...
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Who's driving this floating monowheel, in Marvel's Civil War: Frontline?

I've just seen this in the foreground of one of the panels, with the speaking characters seemingly oblivious. In the following panel it looks like he's being chased by the police: But he looks ...
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