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Use this tag to refer to the 2016 movie *Passengers*, starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Why do the orientation programs not know this?

In Passengers when a passenger wakes from hibernation sleep, they are greeted with an orientation program. It states that they are only months from their destination and told to do what ever it is to ...
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How were the ships in Passengers reused?

I think source material might be sparse and I'm not sure if there is more than the original screenplay. In Passengers we learn the ships travel to a colony and back to earth. In the movie this cycle ...
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Passengers: Why is the Earth presented as an overpriced planet?

In the Passengers movie, Earth is positioned/presented as an "overpriced" planet: Earth is a PROSPEROUS planet, the cradle of civilization. But for many, it's also overpopulated, OVERPRICED, ...
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How fast was the Avalon moving?

The computer said that messages are being transmitted via laser. Light speed is 299 792 458 m / s. It is supposed to have a delivery time of 19 years. 19 light years are 1,798e+14 kilometers. A reply ...
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In Passengers, how would it have been possible for anyone to return?

In Passengers, we are told that they are unable to reenter hibernation BUT we are also told that This is presumably the same journey in reverse and therefore the crew and all returning passengers ...
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How was Jim able to space walk when the ship was traveling at .5 c?

Until now any space movies that I've seen where they have shown space walk, they show that either the ship isn't moving or the character is on the spaceship because of the magnetic boots. However in ...
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How had the Avalon traveled 19 light years in just 30 years if it was moving at half the speed of light? [duplicate]

During the journey from Earth to Homestead II, Jim tries to send a message back to Earth. The computer informs him that it will take 19 years for the message to reach Earth. Since we know that the ...
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Why does Jim think he'll die before reaching Homestead II?

In the movie Passengers, the writers got a lot of details about how an interstellar starhip would work, from the heat shield to artificial gravity. But there was one detail that they only glanced upon ...
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Nature of Stasis in Passengers

At the end of the film we discover: Why could only one person do this? My wife and I both thought the answer was obvious but had differing explanations. I am curious what the writers intended. She ...
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Why don't the spacesuits have a maneuvering unit?

The spacesuit in the Passengers movie that are used to move outside the ship are attached to the hull with magnetic soles and only a single safety rope. Shouldn't they have a maneuvering unit (like ...
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How did the Avalon (seemingly) get to Arcturus so quickly if they're only traveling at .5 of lightspeed?

Assume spoilers about Passengers from here, but really this has nothing to do with the plot so... There are a number of tiny points to criticize in the film, but what I'm really coming up empty on is ...
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Did they ever consider having children in Passengers?

SPOILERS FOLLOW! In the film Passengers, When the crew wake up during the final approach to Homestead II, it looks like they discover Did Jim and Aurora ever consider having children together? If ...
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