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Questions tagged [rock-music]

For on-topic questions about science fiction or fantasy-themed rock songs, or questions about rock songs in science fiction or fantasy works.

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Supernatural fantasy about a punk rocker woman and her very religious former schoolmate fighting evil

I think I read this in the 1980s in F&SF or Amazing. This short story is told from the point of view of a woman (probably in her thirties) who is a punk rock (I think) performer. As the story ...
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Can the character Ziggy Stardust survive in the vacuum of space?

The famous David Bowie character, Ziggy Stardust, is a "spaceman" from Mars. Over the course of his multi-album story, he comes to earth, rocks out, is worshipped, and dies. After recently ...
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To what extent is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" accurate to the comics storyline of the time?

While listening to "Iron Man" from Black Sabbath, I noticed the lines: He was turned to steel In the great magnetic field When he traveled time For the future of mankind "Iron Man"...
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Do any Star Trek characters play rock band instruments?

We see quite a few Star Trek characters play orchestral instruments - Riker plays the trombone (although jazz rather than classical is his thing), Data plays the violin, Kim plays the clarinet and ...
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Did Michael J. Fox write his own music for BttF?

In the original Back to the Future, Marty McFly tends to get carried away while playing his guitar, causing confusion and/or disapproval from any nearby squares. The examples given of his ...
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Series of novels about a future Britain with a lot of musicians as part of the government?

These are rock-ish musicians who go around giving a lot of concerts (described in detail) that either pacify or rouse up the audience. They also engage in street fighting, and are part of a group that ...
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Does Rock Music Still Exist in the 24th Century? [duplicate]

Whenever we hear a crew member playing music aboard one of the Starfleet ships in the series (Enterprise or Voyager) it's usually something classical, jazz, or something else easy listening. Does ...
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Has Marvel ever referenced the song "Catch Me Now I'm Falling?"

"Catch Me Now I'm Falling," by the Kinks is written from the perspective of Captain America. I remember, when you were down And you needed a helping hand I ...
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Is the comic book in the Take On Me music video real?

Take On Me may very well have the greatest music video of all time. This music video prominently features a comic book. Was this comic book a real, previously ...
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Is the Deep Purple song "The Mule" inspired by the character of the same name in Asimov's Foundation series?

On the album Fireball by Deep Purple, there's a song called "The Mule", which opens with the following lines: No one sees the things you do Because I stand in front of you But you drive me ...
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Why is there no rock-n-roll on Star Trek?

Every time we see a recital given aboard any ship or star base, it's almost always a 'classical music' recital or performance, never a rock concert. The only exceptions to this musical bias are Riker'...
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What does "Ramble on" by Led Zeppelin have to do with LOTR?

What does the Led Zeppelin song Ramble on have to do with the LOTR? Here is the section of the lyric that references Gollum and Mordor: Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear ...
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