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Questions tagged [sound-effects]

For questions about the sound effects in works of science fiction or fantasy.

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Similarities between TOS "The Apple" and "Who Mourns for Adonais" phaser sequences

Something I didn't pick up on when watching the original airings, but noticed while watching re-runs a very long time ago: At the climax of "Who Mourns for Adonais", Kirk orders the ship to ...
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How was the sound for the Horn in Helms Deep created?

I think the title says it all: How was the sound for the Horn, blown by Gimli, in Helms Deep created in the film The Two Towers? If they created a big horn as a basis ...
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Does Force telekenesis/choke make an in-universe sound or is it only an auditory cue for the audience?

There are many examples of Force telekenesis making a "blood rushing to the head" type of wooshing sound effect in much of the Star Wars canon. But it has never been clear to me whether or ...
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I'm trying to find a sound track quote from a British Scifi Comedy (Movie? TV?) [closed]

The specific spoken words are "This is an emergency broadcast. Nuclear missile inbound detected. Seek shelter, duck and cover, and brace for impact". I heard this on a recent tech ...
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Why was G1 Soundwave's voice made unique?

Some audio manipulation was performed to (nearly?) all the G1 Transformers' voice actor's recorded dialogue, giving the in-universe characters' voices an "inhuman"/otherworldly/mechanical effect. A ...
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How were “Star Trek: The Next Generation” computer beeps/bloops sound effects created?

The ship's computer in Star Trek: The Next Generation produces complex beeps/bloops, particularly when a user is interacting with it. How were these sound effects created?
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How is MCU Hulk voiced?

Starting in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk can remain calm enough for long enough to carry on semi-intelligent conversation. Is the voice acting done by Mark Ruffalo? Is it digitally or acoustically altered?
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Were The Original Star Trek Sound Effects Used Before Star Trek? [duplicate]

So I'm watching through the old Twilight Zone and was watching an episode called "Third From The Sun". Towards the end, there's a scene where they use the Star Trek bridge sounds. I was under the ...
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Were the seismic charges in Attack of the Clone the first use of a delayed sound effect in space?

In Attack of the Clones we have a chase of Obi-Wan Kenobi by Jango Fett through an asteroid field wherein Fett detonates a series of "seismic charges". The ...
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Out of universe, what makes the TARDIS noise?

The noise made by the TARDIS in Doctor Who has been the same ever since its very first trip way back in 1963: In-universe, it's the wheezing of the time rotor, ...
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Is there a .wav file of this Enterprise D sound effect?

After the command to fire phasers was issued, Worf would hit the fire button. There was a sound effect of two short sounds..almost like a warning...then the camera would cut to the phaser array firing ...
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14 votes
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Why do the Prequels recycle old sounds for R2-D2 and Chewie?

The sounds in the Star Wars universe are usually very unique and diverse. In the original trilogy the sounds made by Chewbacca and R2-D2 seem to be brand new sounds in each film, meaning that R2 and ...
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Where did the original Enterprise bridge sounds come from?

I was watching an episode of The Adventures of Superman, specifically Stolen Elephant made in 1957 and there was a short scene with background sounds that were very close to the sound loop used for ...
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Sound effect in "Cause and Effect"

This video shows a couple of the sequences in ST:TNG "Cause and Effect" where the Bozeman approaches the Enterprise. At 1:03 in the video, Geordi initiates an emergency core shutdown. At 1:15, you ...
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What's the origin of the distinctive noise that Transformers make when they transform?

When Transformers in the G1 continuity transform, they make a distinctive five-part noise: What's the "behind the scenes" story for that noise... ...
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Did George Lucas popularise the yell that is used in every star wars movie and is generally in other movies?

In every star wars movie, there is this distinct yell. It is generally used once. What is the origin of this scream? Was it popularised by George Lucas?
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How Was the Sound of the Nazgûl Composed?

Yes, yes, I am a complete freak. I think the screech/scream of the Nazgûl is both AWESOME and terrifying at the same time. I love it even though it makes me shiver! How was the sound of the Nazgûl ...
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