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Jezero Crater Anywhere in RGB Mars Trilogy?

Jezero Crater is located at 18.38°N 77.58°E, right on the Edge of the Isidis Basin, which would become the Isidis Sea in the Mars Trilogy, in which Burroughs is submerged. Compare the topographic Map ...
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Did Kim Stanley Robinson plan out the entire Mars Trilogy from the start?

Yes and no. It was planned to be a single novel at first, but grew into a trilogy. During writing research went on in parallel continuously. When I started writing it, I'd wanted it to be a big ...
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Whatever happened to Hiroko Ai in Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy?

I think it's safe to say Robinson intentionally left it unanswered, though he I believe he had a most likely outcome in mind and tipped it off. It is significant that Hiroko had reached mythic status, ...
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Whatever happened to Hiroko Ai in Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy?

In the very end of the entire series - very end - Ann comes near to death, and then sees an older Asian woman flying a kite at the sea's edge. This is only speculation, but there seemed to me an ...
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In Aurora, why was the shipboard gravity increased to 1.1g?

The quote from the novel seems to offer a couple of alternatives, but nothing genuinely definitive. Freya posits that it was to make the returners feel lighter. Badim argues that it might be because ...
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Could the terraforming techniques from Red/Blue/Green Mars work on any other planets in our solar system?

I don't think they would work on Mars. First the timescale is hugely sped up. Mars society estimates a thousand years to get to a point where the air is thick enough for trees to grow and humans to be ...
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Does 2312 take place in the same universe as the Mars Trilogy?

Same same but different There are major differences in the described terraforming approach for Mars in 2312, most notably the use of a soletta as the primary mechanism for high-speed terraforming - ...
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