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What is the meaning of Cassandra's vision of Lex in "Smallvillle" S01E06?

I haven't seen the show for a long time but the symbols are clear: Lex president: This symbolizes Lex's ambition. The reason he came to see Cassandra is because he believes he has a destiny to ...
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What is Lana Lang's Destiny? Does she become a superhero herself?

In Smallville - Season 11 (comic book series) after she left Smallville to protect Clark, she resided in Africa protecting local villages from African warlords, disguising herself as a vigilante ...
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Was Vandal Savage friends with historical figures or was he them?

Yes, Savage has claimed to be other historical figures in other continuities. Over the centuries, Savage's name appeared over and over again in Western history, as advisor to kings and pharaohs in ...
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Who are the daughters of Superman?

In the comic book miniseries Superman: Secret Identity (2004), a non-Kryptonian but slowly becoming Superman Clark Kent has two daughters, Carol and Jane Kent. The girls in their late teens become as ...
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What is Lana Lang's Destiny? Does she become a superhero herself?

TL;DR: Given Smallville's tendency for easter eggs & comic references, the line you're referring to was most likely a nod to the Insect Queen. In the comics, Lana Lang has had a significant ...
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What is Lana Lang's Destiny? Does she become a superhero herself?

This is a big spoiler if you haven't gotten through Season 8 yet: Yes, Lana does become a "super-hero", of sorts, by the end of the series. Specifically, she uses something called Prometheus that ...
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How fast can Smallville Clark Kent move?

It shouldn't be surprising that a teen show about Superman is inconsistent in its presentation of physics and the exact magnitude of the hero's power. There are times when Clark does things that ...
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Is the Smallville universe seen in the CW "Crisis" crossover an alternate reality from the Smallville universe we know?

As per the official words from Arrowverse part, it takes place after season 11 comics: @mguggenheim Ok ok, so I know I asked some questions that can't be answered right now, but I bet many people ...
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Did Tom Welling ever actually wear the Superman suit on camera?

Tom Welling never wore the Superman suit in the show, save for the finale, and even then only in a CGI long shot. His (and the producer's opinion) was that once Supes has the suit and a secret ...
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In Smallville S04E11, how did Alicia know to use red kryptonite?

In my early days of being a Smallville fan I wondered the same thing. But after rewatching the series -- including specifically Alicia's one episode in season three -- several times since, I developed ...
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In Smallville, why does Kryptonite weaken people who got Superman's power but aren't Kryptonian?

In Smallville, when exposed to green Kryptonite Clark's blood actually boils. So it's likely that being infused with Clark's powers alters a person's body and/or blood at a biological level. (This is ...
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Was Smallville (the show) ever considered canon in the DC universe

DC has a long history of taking ideas and concepts from other media and folding them into their comics. The Daily Planet, Kryptonite, Jimmy Olsen, and Superman's power of flight all came from the ...
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