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What was the first science fiction or fantasy element to appear in any Batman comic?

I'm going to go with Detective Comics #31 - 'Batman Versus the Vampire, Part 1', five issues into Batman's first run. Batman chases the titular ghoul to his secret laboratory and is attacked by a ...
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Who are these characters in "My Adventures with Superman"?

From left to right, they are a Parademon, an unidentified Green Lantern wielder, and a Thanagarian. Unfortunately, I haven't found an official statement of this, but the sacking of Thanagar was shown ...
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Name of song from Young Justice League season 2 episode 5

I found it. Ikarus - Deep Inside
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Who are the Green Lanterns in the 2024 M.D. "Doc" Bright DC Comics tribute?

These Green Lanterns all appeared in Green Lantern Vol. 3 in the early '90s, such as Green Lantern Vol. 3 #34 & 35, for example, both of which were pencilled by the late Mark D. Bright. Green ...
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How Far Is Krypton From Earth? Do We Know Where It Is?

In the radio series The Adventures of Superman (1940–1951) it seems that the planet Krypton was in our solar system. Quoting from 7:21–7:46 of the first episode, The Baby from Krypton, which ...
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How old was Bruce when he developed Batman’s personality?

Honestly, it depends on who you think Batman is. Is he Frank Miller's Batman from the 1980's Dark Knight graphic novels? Is he Bruce Timm's Batman from Batman the Animated Series from the 1990s? Is he ...
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Have DC Comics media addressed Clayface's vulnerability to explosive implants?

I initially posted these as comments because they don't actually answer the question, but I figured they're still interesting enough to be worth posting as an answer. In episode Secret Society from ...
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How old was Bruce when he developed Batman’s personality?

This question contains a hidden assumption - that Batman's personality has anything to do with Bruce Wayne's personality. In some representations, Batman's personality is born when Martha and Thomas ...
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