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Why does Mister Mxyzptlk need to have a weakness in the comics?

In the original Pre-Crisis / Earth-Two continuity, Mister Mxyztplk didn't choose a weakness. Rather, he needed to use magical words to transport himself from his dimension to Earth and back again, and ...
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Gotham episode where the term 'black market' was taken literally

Sounds like you're referring to 'The Merc,' which appeared in Gotham S02E05, "Rise of the Villains: Scarification." From a recap of the episode: The youngest Pike heads to the Merc, which ...
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If Superman's blood came in contact with a human, would this be dangerous?

Superman gives blood to humans (Lois Lane and Lana Lang) on several occasions. In early stories his blood confers resistance to illness and makes the recipient feel suspiciously strong. Superman Vol....
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Is there a character in DC comics who has never died?

It all depends on your definitions, and what you count as dying. Death of the Endless survived until the very end of the Universe. (The Books of Magic) However, for one day every hundred years, she ...
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Is there a character in DC comics who has never died?

VANDAL SAVAGE Vandal Savage was born 50,000 years ago and gained immortality after exposure to the radiation of a strange meteorite (later retconned to be a colony of sub-atomic robots called "...
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Is Logros an actual thing in DC comics?

Like you said it's hard to find much information as to what they meant by Logros. The closest I could find was something called Logres I found on Wikipedia. While its impossible to know for sure if ...
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Was Arkham Asylum inspired by Lovecraft's favourite town?

Yes, from DC Comics editor Jack C. Harris: One summer, I immersed myself in the dark works of H. P. Lovecraft... It was during a conversation with writer Denny O'Neil, before I had even graduated ...
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What exactly is Mongul from (pre-Crisis) Superman comics, and is he stronger than Superman?

In the Sun-Eater issue, Superman outright admitted that Mongul was stronger than he was. That’s also borne out by his first appearance where he overpowered J’onn much more easily than Superman could. ...

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