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Apparently there have been a few different justifications for the outfit over the years. A particularly notable explanation, from JSA: Classified #2 (2005), is that the costume was intended to have a symbol on the chest, like Superman's, but she never came up with anything and just left it empty. People always ask me why I have this hole right here. They ...


This looks like it could be from the video game: Batman: Dark Tomorrow which was published by Kemco for the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox. I found Nintendo World Report which links to a more zoomed out and smaller image of the Batcomputer and it seems to match. There is also the site Jeuxactu which has a much higher quality image that shows it is ...


It's from issue 2 of Batman: City of Light. City of Light is a Batman storyline written by Arnold Pander, Jacob Pander, and Mark Paniccia, with illustrations by the Pander brothers. It was published as an eight issue mini-series. The story deals with a mad architect redesigning Gotham to eliminate crime.


The story that I heard was that her cleavage was due to the artist Wally Wood. It seems that Wally was bored, so he kept increasing her breast size each issue until somebody complained. I think he found another project before anybody complained, but they kept the look. The "breast window" just made the problem more obvious.


Black Adam did it In DCeased: Hope at World's End #12 (2020), a zombified Black Adam slashes Martian Manhunter, turning him. Technically Martian Manhunter phases through the seabed before he turns, in order to save everyone from himself; it appears though that this would not be enough.


You may consider that going back to issue 1 Superman was an extraordinary jumper not a flyer. His strength was genetic from Krypton's high gravity. This was similar to John Carter having super strength on Mars due his Earth gravity strength. As the character evolved the character started doing vector changes that were clearly no longer jumping and it was ...


In Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3, Darkseid removed a ring by brute force alone. The ring wasn't intact though. Source: In Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #8 Lobo wants a ring, but in this continuity it cannot be removed from the wielder's finger. So Lobo does a very Lobo thing. I don't have the images for this one,...

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