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The hammer's spell was put on by Odin and he seems nice but whoever Odin thinks is worthy can hold it. At one point in time Odin was a tyrant conquer of Realms but he stopped at 9 and was a noble king. He had an army and he killed a lot of people so if he thinks that's worthy then that's him.


This question considers that no matter how evil a villian is, heroes in Marvel never seek out to kill them Are you sure you're reading the same Marvel comics as everyone else? Let's see, Captain America once used his shield to sever the Red Skull's arm, which caused him to drop a Cosmic Cube and be destroyed (being the Red Skull, he came back eventually),...


Jormungandr in Norse mythology is normally conceived of as utterly evil (like his brother Fenrir). The Marvel universe follows more or less along with this (as it does with most of its secondary characters drawn from Norse myths). These cruel and fairly animalistic spawn of Loki (unlike some of Loki's other, more intelligent offspring) are not deemed ...


No, the strongest Dark Elf of the realm of Svartalfheim was Algrim the Strong. Algrim was born over 5,000 years before the present day and served Malekith loyally through the war of the Nine Realms. From the Marvel biography of Kurse: Becoming stronger Thor had fallen in love with Lorelei due to a love potion she had given him. Malekith the Accursed, to ...

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