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Probably this article in The Vulture Take Magneto, who is just 14 years old when we meet him during World War II in a First Class prologue. Since that sequence takes place in 1944, we know the character was born around the year 1930. It's dated May 27, 2016. The revision to add his birth date was made on May 14, 2017. I can't figure out where The Vulture ...


It's any skin-on-skin contact, intentional or otherwise. That's why Rogue has always, even when she started out as a villain, been portrayed as wearing a full body suit and gloves leaving only her head exposed. I don't have access to my old comics right now for specific examples, but there have been numerous occasions where Rogue has been touched, ...


First of all, I'd argue that Wolverine's claws not triggering Rogue's powers may not be because of someone else touching her, but the contact being metal-to-skin instead of skin-to-skin. Second, in the comic X-Men Movie Prequel: Rogue, some fellow students are chasing her, grab her, and get life-drained. As you can see in the following picture, the guy in ...


The answer is simple. The first X-Men trilogy was in a different continuity/universe separated from the X-Men First Class film series. The depiction of a future in film "Days of Future Past" was a parallel universe of Patrick Stewart's Prof. X.

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