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19 votes

What special powers did the Dwarf rings give their users?

10 votes

Why are reactions to Old Ones and other horrors so different in Lovecraft's works?

9 votes

Why aren't there any sieges in Lord of The Rings?

8 votes

Why were the Elvish Rings of Power not made by Sauron?

7 votes

When was Kenobi planning on training Luke to "save the universe?"

7 votes

What gave Isildur the power to successfully curse the Men of Dunharrow?

6 votes

Which HP Lovecraft story features a private detective?

4 votes

Why does the Ring have such an obsessive possessive effect?

2 votes

Why did Vader ask about Padmé?

1 vote

Why do the Rohirrim apparently find the H-word offensive?

1 vote

What "defenses" is Tolkien talking about?

1 vote

What's the best order to read HP Lovecraft's novels?

0 votes

What punishment would Anakin have faced if the Jedi Council had found out he slaughtered the village of Sand People?

-1 votes

Why does Leia's accent change during A New Hope?