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20 votes

What special powers did the Dwarf rings give their users?

10 votes

Why aren't there any sieges in Lord of The Rings?

10 votes

Why are reactions to Old Ones and other horrors so different in Lovecraft's works?

8 votes

Why were the Elvish Rings of Power not made by Sauron?

7 votes

When was Kenobi planning on training Luke to "save the universe?"

7 votes

Which HP Lovecraft story features a private detective?

6 votes

What gave Isildur the power to successfully curse the Men of Dunharrow?

4 votes

Why does the Ring have such an obsessive possessive effect?

2 votes

Why did Vader ask about Padmé?

1 vote

Why do the Rohirrim apparently find the H-word offensive?

1 vote

What "defenses" is Tolkien talking about?

1 vote

What's the best order to read HP Lovecraft's novels?

0 votes

What punishment would Anakin have faced if the Jedi Council had found out he slaughtered the village of Sand People?

-1 votes

Why does Leia's accent change during A New Hope?