I have been looking for an anime for about 15 years. I originally watched it on a French channel called "Mangas". the anime itself probably dates from between 1980-2000.

The anime had similar points with Saint Seya, namely that a team of heroes would wear (or more like transform) into robots / armored fighter. There were around a dozen characters each with a specific transformation, among which one had parrot-like armor with green and orange feather-like scales.

The most important clue I can remember is that all those transforming characters had an eye tattoo on their forearm (right forearm I think, usually covered up in bandages) which would open as the character was say something along the lines of

"By the power of the eye" ("Par le pouvoir de l'oeil" in the French version).

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Anyway, I finally found the said anime. It was Reideen the Superior !

A 38 episode remake aired as Raideen the Superior (超者ライディーン; Chōja Raidīn) in 1996. This series was directed by Toshifumi Kawase. Five seemingly ordinary teenagers are actually superheroes called "Raideens" and their mission is to fight their enemy the so-called "Super Devils." This series was notably different than the original, more akin to a Super Sentai series or Tekkaman Blade than the original Raideen and having a Shōjo feel to it.
Brave Raideen: Raideen the Superior - Wikipedia

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