Steel is a movie. Supposedly, it's based on the DC Comics character John Henry Irons/Steel. Was anything from the comics used in the film besides having a character named John Henry Irons who puts on a suit of armor? Was anything from the film later brought into the comics? These elements include:

  • A wheelchair bound, techy sidekick (in the vein of Oracle) nicknamed Sparky who Steel has will they-won't they chemistry with
  • A mentor named Uncle Joe who assists Steel in his superhero-ing
  • A grandmother who owns a soufflé restaurant
  • A nemesis who worked with him in the past but stole the weapons that he designed; his villainous plan is to sell illegal weapons via arcades and the internet
  • A younger family member (nephew?) named Martin
  • A voice changer that can make Steel sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Additionally, I would appreciate if Shaquille O'Neal was at all referenced in Steel comics after the movie came out and bombed.

  • “Steel is a movie” — I think that was the review quote they picked for the DVD cover. Feb 26, 2021 at 0:27

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Since your question says, what was from the comics, and what was later added to the comics. Here are things taken from / inspired by the comics

  • The Oracle like techie in the movie is directly inspired from Oracle from the comics. - IMDB
  • While the characters are different than they are in the movie, part of Steel's storylines are his extended family, including grandparents and nephews. - Dc Fandom
  • Colonel Weston was his mentor and colleague at a weapons tech facility, until John learned he was selling weapons to criminals and he became a recurring villain. - Colonel Thomas Weston
  • I can't find if he disguises his voice, but he is described as having a voice like "Darth Vader" tvtropes

The only reference I can find to Shaquille O'Neal being included in DC properties as himself is in Static Shock. Shaquille O'Neal

All references to Superman were removed, supposedly this movie was meant to be a tie-in to another Superman movie they were making, which got dropped, so it was made into a solo film with no greater DC universe connection. Hence that this movie is loosely based on the comic book character.

I cannot find anything that might have been in the movie that was later incorporated into the comics.

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