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Why are some elves royalty?

Elf royalty comes from the order in which they woke, proximity and exposure to the Valar, and through descent from other elves who were already established as rulers. The elves did not all wake up at ...
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Why are some elves royalty?

In the passage of the Similarillion which deals with the Valar's first encounter with the Elves, it describes the three kindreds of the Eldar - Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri. At this point those kindreds ...
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When Éowyn secretly followed Théoden as Dernhelm, who was in charge of the Rohirrim?

Éowyn's departure left Rohan without a representative of the royal family but not without leadership. Per the Tolkien Gateway (citing "Unfinished Tales") Erkenbrand, was left in charge of ...
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In the films, why does Sauron choose Azog instead of the ringwraiths to lead his legions?

I’m probably going to go with what most people have said. Azog is bloodlusting for Thorin’s head, and Sauron knows that very well. It will also be easier for the White Council just to pass him off as ...
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Was Gollum the key to destroying the Ring?

Gollum is indeed key. "The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many" - no doubt about that. I have an alternate theory. It was the Ring (rather than Frodo) that threatened Gollum outside of ...
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