I read a manga title last year where a billionaire (scammer?) guy is transported in a dungeon and was forced to work there for a living.

I remember there was a part that he made a friend that is a lizard kin and a powerful dragon. Though the dragon is only supporting the main character because she wants food from him.

The main objective of the main character is to build a sustainable life in the dungeon, I think?

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  • It is possible that you are mixing up 2 or 3 mangas. mangapanda.com/dungeon-nursery has essentially a scammer as the main character, readmng.com/… has a dragon helping who only wants food and the mc has to protect the dungeon, while readmng.com/… also has the mc who must protect his dungeon, he wants to make his dungeon into a town. I will say i think i read another one as you describe on one of those sites, but i cannot find it. – shufly Aug 6 at 2:48

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