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Questions tagged [midichlorians]

For questions pertaining to the microscopic organisms in the Star Wars universe that mediate beings' connection to the Force. Only use this tag when your question is specifically about midi-chlorians, rather than just mentioning them.

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5 votes
1 answer

Why are midichlorians not mentioned when talking about Sabine in Ahsoka?

Ahsoka mentions talent is a part of becoming a Jedi, but isn't a minimum amount of midichlorians needed to become a Jedi? I could be mistaken, but this is the impression I got from Star Wars I, so I ...
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How do Midi-chlorians communicate with the Jedi?

In wookiepedia it states that Midi-chlorians communicate the will of the force to the Jedi, so how do they get the information that the Midi-chlorians send to them?
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6 votes
2 answers

Can you kill Midi-chlorians?

Could you kill the Midi-chlorians in someone to make them lose their Force sensitivity?
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What happens to the Midi-chlorians when a Jedi or person dies?

What happens to the Midi-chlorians when a person dies? In Star Wars the Midi-chlorians are alive, but do they need a host or do they die with the being?
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11 votes
3 answers

Are midi-chlorians still canon, despite not being mentioned since Episode 1?

I’m not sure what the current status of midi-chlorians are in the canon hierarchy. They are mentioned in The Phantom Menace and never again in canon that I’m aware of. Additionally, I seemed to recall ...
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8 votes
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If some creature was to eat a Jedi or a Sith, would that creature then become Force-sensitive?

I would like to know if some creature was to eat a Jedi or a Sith, would that mean that the Jedi/Sith's midichlorians would be absorbed into the creature and it would then become Force-sensitive? Take ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Force Sensitivity: How much potential in the Force can a human be born with naturally? (Legends or Canon Material)

Ok so... I should probably break down what I mean - take Anakin Skywalker, has what is widely considered the greatest potential in the Force of all time, he was quite literally conceived by the Force ...
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5 votes
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Does Force training increase midi-chlorian density, or do Force abilities grow stronger in some other way?

According to Star Wars lore, midi-chlorians are the microscopic entities which reside within living creatures and essentially act as a vector for the Force. They can be detected in blood, and have ...
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7 votes
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Does Darth Maul lose Force potential when Obi-Wan cuts his lower half off?

I know the whole "midichlorian count = Force potential" is a touchy and controversial topic among Star Wars fans, but the fact is Lucas has confirmed it as canon so it is, unfortunately, what it is. ...
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5 votes
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Who had the highest midi-chlorian count before the birth of Anakin Skywalker?

I'm interested to know which individual, living or dead, Jedi or Sith, had the highest midi-chlorian count prior to Anakin's birth. Anakin was known to have been the "highest" when he was ...
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If Darth Vader is more machine than man, wouldn't he have significantly less midichlorians? [duplicate]

Something that occurred to me... If midichlorians are just cells living inside a living host, and total number of midichlorians determines just how powerful you are in the force, wouldn't removing a ...
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9 votes
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When did George Lucas compare midi-chlorians to mitochondria?

It is widely reported online that the following quote is attributed to George Lucas: Midi-chlorians are a loose depiction of mitochondria, which are necessary components for cells to divide. They ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Where do midi-chlorians go after their host dies?

When a Jedi or a Sith die, do the midi-chlorians somehow emigrate to another person or diffuse out of body and into space? Could somebody breathe them accidentally and gain a bond with the Force?
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42 votes
2 answers

What exactly are the Jedi measuring in the Phantom Menace?

In this clip from the Phantom Menace, we see Qui-Gon take a blood sample from Anakin and have Obi-Wan analyze it for midi-chlorians. From there they get this number: Anakin has a midi-chlorian count ...
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Was testing for midichlorians done covertly? [duplicate]

Various commentators have suggested that one of the reasons knowledge of the Jedi dies out so fast in Rogue One is that there were so few Jedi compared to the wider galactic population (I believe I've ...
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31 votes
5 answers

In the Star Wars universe, how are midichlorians supposed to work?

Taking aside whether connecting a mystical energy to a biological basis is a good idea or not, how is it supposed to work? I know that generally the more midichlorians, the more Force potential. Is it ...
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