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The Teen Titans are a team of superheroes in DC Comics.

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What's up with non-superpowered leaders of a superpowered team? [closed]

Note: I'm using examples from ATLA/TLOK and DC Comics. Harley Quinn in the Harley Quinn series is a non-superpowered leader of a superpowered team. In ATLA/TLOK, Zaheer pre-airbending was apparently ...
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Is Crush's eye color in this panel intentional or a drawing mistake?

Due to only being half-Czarnian, Crush has eyes that look human, save for the red iris, instead of full-on red eyes with no pupil, like her father Lobo. After Lex Luthor gifts Lobo with a way to mind-...
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What language is Raven using for her attack in the new 52?

In the New 52 (Teen Titans #6, 2015) when Raven cast a spell, she uses some strange language, but I can't find out what this language means.
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Meaning behind DC Raven's "Rachael Roth" name?

If you swap letters "CH" and "TH" and remove the "a" from "Rachael Roth" you get the words "Rathel Roch" which according to wikitionary "Rathel" has two meanings it's related to "raddle" which is ...
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Can Beast Boy turn into cryptids?

Can Beast Boy turn into a hidden animal, like Bigfoot, Nessie, or Chupacabra?
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Which version of the Teen Titans exist in the DC Animated Universe?

The DC Animated Universe includes a crossover episode between Static Shock and The New Batman Adventures called "Hard as Nails" that includes this dialogue: Static: So where's Robin? Batman: With ...
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Can Beast Boy change sex?

There are several animal species that have the ability to change sex under certain conditions, for example, the clown fish. If Beast Boy were to change into a clown fish (or another sex changing ...
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Does Cyborg start out as a Teen Titan or as a member of the Justice League?

In Justice League: War, we see Cyborg's origin and he immediately joins the Justice League. However, he is quite young. In certain comics, Cyborg is known as a founding member of the Teen Titans. My ...
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How does Koriand'r hide as Cory Anders?

So, Koriand'r, aka Starfire, has golden skin. She's very distinctive in appearance, inhuman. However, as Cory Anders, model, she looks fairly normal, if quite exotic, and used that name as her secret ...
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How does Teen Titans fit in with the Young Justice continuity?

Specifically, I am curious about Dick Grayson, as he's the Robin in both shows. The interesting part is thus: Cyborg and Raven from the Teen Titans are both founding members of The Justice League, and ...
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When does Beast Boy show up on Teen Titans?

When does Beast Boy show up on Teen Titans? I know he got his powers when he was eleven, but I don't know when he shows up on Teen Titans for training, team work lessons, and being a hero.
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How many different individuals have been Robin?

After seeing the new Justice League vs Teen Titans I googled Damian to see when he was born and who his mother is. In the Wiki article I remember reading that Damien is the 5th Robin, but I thought ...
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Can Beast Boy turn into other humans?

This question could apply to any superhero who can turn into animals, although the only ones who come to mind are Beast Boy and the woman from the Wonder Twins. To avoid making the question too broad, ...
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What early Teen Titans comic had a witchcraft story on an isolated island?

I had this comic in the 70's, which featured the Teen Titans. It was a really spooky one as it was set on a cut-off island. I think there was a mansion belonging to one of the female superhero's ...
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Why is the Teen Titans theme song sung with an accent?

The theme in question is here: . I am Asian and when I listen to this song it sounds like it's sung by Asian people, more specifically maybe Chinese. What I mean is ...
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Who funds the Teen Titans?

Where does the money for the Teen Titans come from. Who built and pays for the tower? I know Robin on the team has access to a lot of money.
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Is the Teen Titans Robin Tim Drake or Dick Grayson?

In DCAU (DC Animated Universe), Dick Grayson was much taller and older when he left Batman and Tim Drake went crazy when The Joker kidnapped him, so is the Teen Titans Robin the third Robin?
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