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Short story: typical 'time machine and kill Hitler' tactic backfires when the world is made peaceful and thus totally unprepared for alien invasion

This is probably "Timestorm", by Eddy C Birtin, previously the answer to this question. I found a summary here: In the year 2213 two wandering stars collide and cause a "timestorm.&...
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Manga where girl goes back into time to save her boyfriend

This may be Back to You, aka Just a Girl He Knows. What if an unexpected accident suddenly transported you back to ten years ago? For Hayoung, suddenly traveling back in time to high school means the ...
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Movie in which some teenagers (or two) were able to time travel by inserting a chip into their wrist

Could this be Everywhen (2013)? Everywhen is when everything happens at the same time. In the year of 2077 a large count of the worlds population, 3 billion, suddenly disappears. Did they all go to a ...
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Old episode from the 60s in which two pilots landed at their base and realized they had somehow traveled ahead through time

Is this "The Premonition" (1965), S02E16 of The Outer Limits (1963–1965)...? From Wikipedia: Jim Darcy, the pilot of an X-15 rocket-powered research aircraft, and his wife, Linda, become ...
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Transmigration novel where a girl enters a novel she's been reading and becomes friends with the male lead

I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead. “You can’t go anywhere. Not a single step away from me.” She decided to lay a flower path in front of her favorite book. However, the situation cannot be ...
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Manhwa in which the female lead travels back to historical Korea (maybe to the Goryeo or Joseon period)

This is Gwanghae's Lover. There is a girl named Kyungmin with a special talent of time traveling in the Republic of Korea in 2020. One day, Kyungmin meets the 18-year-old Prince Gwanghae, who came to ...
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