The show is Darkroom (1981-82) and was hosted by James Coburn. The episode is "Stay Tuned, We'll Be Right Back" (IMDB) from November 27, 1981. A summary: In the second story, "Stay Tuned, We'll Be Right Back", a father discovers that the crystal radio set he bought for his son as a hobby is receiving radio broadcasts from the 1940s. At first its ...


"Flight to Forever", a novella by Poul Anderson, which was also my (unaccepted) answer to this old question. First published in Super Science Stories, November 1950 (available at the Internet Archive), it has been reprinted a number of times; does any of these covers ring a bell? The story matches your description fairly well, except that the protagonist ...


No. When would they have had the opportunity? The novel chronicles practically every minute of Ned's life during his Victorian phase. They talked straight through their private rendezvous. And Willis makes it clear that Ned slept all night with the dog, not with Verity. Unless you want them to have a wild scene in a burning cathedral...?


To quote this footnote, number 29, in the Wikipedia on Causal Loops: Novikov, Igor (1983). Evolution of the Universe, p. 169: "The close of time curves does not necessarily imply a violation of causality, since the events along such a closed line may be all 'self-adjusted'—they all affect one another through the closed cycle and follow one another in a ...


Causal loop - the changes brought forth by the loop create the conditions that cause the loop. Nothing changes, ever. Time loop - a change in the past will (or at least might) create a different future. Do not, rpt. not kill your grandfather, or you might actually disappear.

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