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What film had an amnesiac time-travelling android from the future who became Jesus?

This is The Next One (1984), also known as The Time Traveller. The Next One is a film in which the recent widow of an American astronaut finds Glen - a man with uncanny powers and lost in space and ...
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Short story about a man from the future where they have marvelous technology he can't explain

This is Renaissance Man by T.E.D. Klein. He paused portentously, allowing the drama to grow. "—have men in your time found a cure for cancer?" The visitor smiled. "Oh my gosh, yes,&...
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Short story in which time slips and the passenger pigeon reappears in North America

"Sidewise in Time", a novella by Murray Leinster which was also the answer to the question A story about reality breaking down as timelines cross in increasing numbers; first published in ...
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Animated show about a little boy who could travel to different places

Is this Justin Time (2011–2017)...? According to the Wikipedia page, it's an animated series about a boy named Justin who has "adventures through time and around the world," alongside his ...
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Short story in which time slips and the passenger pigeon reappears in North America

Sidewise in Time by Murray Leinster, I think, which features a professor who leads a group of students through a series of transitions between alternate histories. This article mentions the pigeons ...
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Short story in which time slips and the passenger pigeon reappears in North America

In the story Sidewise in Time by Murray Leinster time unravels and passenger pigeons appear. The size of each flock was to be measured not in feet or yards, but in miles of front. ... "It's a ...
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Book about a young girl with a special necklace who time travels to England during the reign of Henry VIII

Is this The Portal (2019) by Kathryn Lasky...? It's the first book in the Tangled in Time duology. According to the Goodreads blurb, the protagonist is a fashion blogger named Rose who investigates a ...
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Time travel book where a father loses his children by changing his past

Are you sure it was a book? The description is very similar to the film About Time (2013) Edit - actually, there is a novelization of the movie. Maybe you read that? On his 21st birthday, Tim learns ...
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Fantasy manga where the protagonist's village is attacked on his sixteenth birthday

This is Shinimodori: When I'm Reborn, I'll Become the Strongest to Save the World!. Family, friends, and the girl he has vowed to always protect… Eric lost everything he loved and died miserably on ...
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Manga where the villainess was executed and then goes back in time and apologizes to the male lead, whom she bullied

Is this I Tamed the Male Lead Who Tried to Kill Me...? Latia's family took in Karshian when his father went on a maritime expedition, but after rumors go around that he's dead, they treat him like a ...
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What were the 17 instances of Kirk traveling through time?

They must be including events of some of the Novels. In Yesterdays Son they travel back in time to the same world as in All Our Yesterdays. In the novel Time for Yesterday they one again go back to ...
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