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One pardon the pun explanation is that the borg are unaware of the mobile emitter's existence until One's creation. The borg simply know of One's existence not how his creation happened. The bigger question is why Borg scans never seem to pick it up from the polaron scan in Scorpion pt1 to Dark Frontier and the Queen's connection to Seven. Almost like ...


I'm moving my note to a full answer because I think all the answers are incorrect. They stem from assuming the writers were completely perfect omnipotent beings incapable of creating a plot hole, and then coming up with "what if" and "maybe" scenarios to fill in the details. The actual answer is simple: The writers did it so they could put his kid on the ...


This depends on how you define adapt and also depends on what shields in Star Trek would actually do to projectile weapons since I do not recall projectile weapons ever being used against shields Presumably a shield would vaporize a projectile which would still be deadly to the drone behind the shield and no shield adaptation could change this However Borg ...


Haven't seen anything canon, but common sense would seem to suggest they would. The drones themselves produce a force field that blocks energy weapons fire, so it seems to reason they would just change the frequency until it stopped the projectiles.

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