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In general: That was not what they were doing As stated in the answer to the question How does the borg hive-mind work: Think of the Borg Queen (or any 'lead' Borg) as the brain, specifically, the Super-ego. It's the part that does the 'conscious' thinking, and decides on major courses of action. The individual borgs, on the other hand, have very little ...


Probably. The Borg Collective has essentially two ships, the sphere scout spaceship and the giant cube one. The sphere has 160 decks, a crew of 11,000 drones. Here is a comparison with USS Voyager: USS Voyager NCC-74656 size compared to Borg Sphere.


In the original script for Q, Who?, Guinan speaks to the origin of the Borg. She doesn't give us a full history, but she does indicate that they're ancient, at least 100,000 years old as a society/species. GUINAN: They are a mixture of organic and artificial life that has been developed over a thousand centuries.

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