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Thank you to @TheLethalCarrot, without whom I would not have found this book. The book in question was Half-Human (2004), which did indeed include part of Dusssie by Nancy Springer. A girl who hears the sea amongst the busy streets of Manhattan. A princess born with the strength to clutch a sword hilt. A winged boy who cannot fly. In these stories, the ...


As this was in a school classroom it seems highly likely it might have only included excerpts from the stories and not the whole thing in detail. Or it could have just mashed together a group of stories for the sake of a class rather than being an official book. As such the stories are probably: Dusssie (2007) by Nancy Springer Dusie always knew puberty ...


The story you mention is Flying Dutchman by Ward Moore. This anthology matches the color scheme you describe. The book was previously identified here: Anthology book with story about robotic bombers, h/t to TheLethalCarrot.

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