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You're looking for the short sci-fi film Nightfall from 2012. Once upon a time, somewhere in space... there was a huge ringworld and its articifial sun. A beautiful queen watched over this unique place. But one day, a dark lord falls in love with her. More than any other things in universe he desires the precious queen of the ring. He encircles her ...


This sounds very much as though it could be The Zero Stone by Andre Norton (which also has a sequel - "Uncharted Stars"), first published in 1968. The young man's name is Murdoc Jern and he has an alien companion, kind of like a cat, called Eet. One of the most familiar covers (at least to me) is: There's a reasonably complete write-up by Judith Tarr on the ...


This sounds like Mai-HiME. Mai and her younger brother Takumi take a boat trip to their new school, and Mai discovers she can control the phoenix-like Kagutsuchi.

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