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Silly But True suggested comic book examples from the 1960s and1970s of people who were very strong because they came from heavy gravity planets. Michael suggested the Family D'Alembert beginnng with "The Imperial Stars" by E.E. Smith in If, May, 1964. Humans from a high gravity colony planet, they posses both enhanced strength and speed. Organic ...


In Edgar Rice Burroughs's 1912 short story "Under the Moons of Mars", later folded into the novel A Princess of Mars, John Carter finds that his Earth-gravity-adapted body gives him a distinct advantage in Mars's gravity. He exhibits this on his first encounter with Tars Tarkas and his band of Martian warriors: While the Martians are immense, ...


1939's Heavy Planet by Lee Gregor aka Milton Rothman ...who whirled with the quickness of one who maneuvers habitually under a pressure of ten thousand atmospheres... It mentions pressure, but as the title says, it's a high gravity planet.


I'm going to chance it ( once again by memory alone) by saying Deathworld by Harry Harrison from 1960/1961 IIRC the people from Pyrrus (the Deathworld planet) lived in twice the gravity of Earth and were really fast in combat


As a starter, I'll offer the family d'Alembert series by E E Doc Smith from 1964. From the first novel 'The Imperial Stars': Jules, in the lowest position, had more time than did any of the others; but he did not have a millisecond to spare. In the instant of the break he went outward and downward along the arc of the ninety-eight-foot radius of his top-...

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